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Fire Protection

FyreWrap Products
FyreWrap Products

Fire Protection


PTI provides solutions to a variety of passive fire protection applications in the commercial building, transportation, and manufacturing industries. FyreWrap® is a foil-faced, thermal protection and insulation wrap/blanket designed to provide temperature rating to ducts, kitchen exhausts, fan enclosures, penetration seals, critical services and structural steel elements. FyreWrap’s aluminum foil, fiberglass-reinforced scrim which completely encapsulates the core provides additional handling strength, protection from tearing and most importantly total anti-bacterial resistance. We also offer fire access doors, which can be installed with various layers and thickness of insulation. We offer insulated or uninsulated fire access doors.

Dryer & Plenum Insulation features include:

  • Lightweight, flexible product form
  • Scrim encapsulated
  • Easy to cut, fabricate, wrap around the ducts, pipes or cables
  • Thin, single-layer design
  • High-temperature, low biopersistance fiber

Grease Duct features include:

  • 2-hour fire-resistance rating
  • Alternate to shaft enclosure
  • Complies with IMC and UMC
  • Tested per ASTM E2336
  • Two-layer system; inner layer utilizes butt joint
  • High-temperature, biosoluble insulation
  • Zero clearance to combustibles, at any location
  • GREENGUARD listed for Microbial Resistance
Unifrax® FyreWrap® Products
Product NameThicknessDensityTechnical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
DPS Insulation Dryer & Plenum0.58pcf T D S S D S
0.5 Plenum Insulation0.58pcf T D S S D S
Elite® 1.5 Grease Duct Insulation1.56pcf T D S S D S
Fire Protection Products & Accessories
Product NameProduct Specification OfferingsTemperature Grade(°F)Technical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
Rectangular Duct Fire Access DoorsInsulated or Uninsulated1000 or 2300°F T D S Contact Us
Round Duct Fire Access DoorsInsulated or Uninsulated1000 or 2300°F T D S Contact Us

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