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Calcium Silicate

Calcium Silicate
Calcium Silicate

Calcium Silicate


Calcium Silicate insulation is a molded mixture of lime, silica and reinforcing fibers. This material is a high temperature, abuse-resistant board insulation with exceptional structural strength and is ideal as backup insulation to add strength. These types of boards are composed of monolithic fiber reinforced chemicals.

Applications include:

    • Furnace Linings
    • Furnace Furniture
    • Residential/commercial cooking appliances
Manufacturing Capabilities

Calcium silicate insulation can be machined with great detail and to within tight tolerances. It can also be cemented to create non-flat configurations.

Calcium Silicate Board Products
Product NameDensity(lb/ft³)Maximum Operating Temperature(°F)Technical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
Ultratemp – L Board18lb/ft³1800°F T D S Contact Us
Ultratemp – M Board28lb/ft³1800°F T D S Contact Us

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